Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Felted Wool Penny Rugs For Sale

I've been busy using up some reclaimed wool I felted so I've been stitching Penny Rugs and adding cute little Yo Yo's to them.  I've got a thing for Yo Yo's lately, I'll admit :)  They are just so darn cute.

Both Penny Rugs and Yo yo's were our foremother's way of using up bits and scraps of fabric.  They recycled (before it was cool) because they had to.  They couldn't run out to Hobby Lobby or Wally World and get cheap fabric (or anything else, lol)  New yard goods went to clothing for the family so when the youngest little "Johnny or Jane" grew out of the passed down clothing, it was reused to household goods....the smallest of these scraps would be used for decorative items.  The term Penny Rug comes from the fact that these resourceful women would use a coin (a penny) for a pattern.  These "rugs" were not used on the floor but as wall hangings, bed coverlets and such.

I love the old ways and learning all about how our ancestors did things, don't you?

I'm offering these candle mats for sale.

The Total Width is 10.5"....the brown wool penny is 7.5" and it is surrounded by 18  Yo Yo's. 

$12.50 plus shipping


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